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    Syncing strategy and creativity, creating ripple effects with technology, making your brand stick

    Market Research

    • Target demographic understanding and analysis, eg. consumer behavior, habits, reading preferences.
    • Cross-culture branding insights


    • Promotion strategy
    • Map out promotion channels
    • Consumer journey mapping

    Creative content planning

    • Social media calendar planning
    • Campaign planning and organization
    • Copywriting (EN&CN)
    • Marketing VI, social media VI

    Content production

    & management

    • Social media account management
    • Content production: WeChat article, graphic design, photography, videography, H5, 2D & 3D animation.
    • Website content creation & maintenance
    • Monthly reports


    • Media & PR introduction
    • E-commerce support
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    An open project communication and clear roles create good results.

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    It takes a project team's effort and open communication to achieve happy results.

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    Guidelines, best practices &  market insights. 

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