• About Us

    Ripplr is a digital-driven boutique marketing and advertising agency based in Shanghai.


    We work with a global network of brands.


    Ripplr was created to close the gap between good brands and digital marketing/advertising

    for the Chinese market, upholding the brand's core values at each stage of the local market promotion.


    We are a team of tech-savvy marketers, copywriters, creatives, designers, photographers

    and videographers who thrive working at the intersection of the brand guideline

    and omni-channel marketing. As content creators, we enjoy creating good, engaging content for

    social media promotions while being hands-on with social media management and planning to

    meet deadlines and KPIs. The team enjoys working behind-the-scenes for strategy and

    content production, in addition, take part in online-to-offline (O2O) campaign launches and

    interactions with the audience.


    Based in Shanghai, we work from the pulse of the Chinese market, experiencing the latest

    trends on the ground. In addition, our rich global network of resources and talents enable

    us to create strategies for international creative campaigns, among other exciting activities.