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Combining Two Worlds: Creating Customized Meditation Experiences with an O2O Customer Journey via WeChat

Helping busy city people gain meditation experiences with online and offline classes.

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Wood-lined rooms, shared corridors and gongs are just some of the features that are incorporated into First Sound - a meditation space in Shanghai.


Located in the west of Shanghai, First Sound was designed to be warm, calm, and healing for people to disassociate from the everyday hustle and bustle of urban life.

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WeChat and the O2O Customer Journey

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People can learn about First Sound's meditation sessions via their Official WeChat account. For every new session a WeChat article is published (see screenshots of article above), the article can include a video introduction of the session (first screenshot), text description of a sesion (second screenshot on Guru Ram Das), and session information for date, time and price (third screenshot with QR code). And if you are interested enough, you can scan the QR code provided in the article to join their WeChat group for customer service and interactions with other attendees (also stated on third screenshot).


If the aforementioned doesn't already sound tech-savvy for a meditation space, First Sound has an additional WeChat feature for online sessions that subscribers can receive from their WeChat updates (as shown in the below screenshot). 


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Hence, as meditation students there are the options of taking online sessions and offline sessions. 

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 The Importance of a Physical Space

To gain a full meditation experience, attending the offline session is the way to go. The meditation space is long and deep, accomodating up to 15 yoga mattresses. The sound system was nicely done by a sound engineer who collaborates with Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou's concert tours in China.


The lines of lighting are soft and warm, just right for calm activities. Right to the instructor stage are green plants aligned to big windows, the windows let in sunlight while the greenery adds an element of nature in the room, creating a peaceful meditation space.


In addition, students can correct their postures and improve their healing practices with in-person instructions from the instructor.



There seems to be an awakening after 2020 on the importance of wellness. People have grown more concious about their personal well-being and actively seek methods in improving one's wellbeing. WeChat makes it easy to provide accessible and convenient meditation sessions for busy city people, not only to receive online sessions, new session updates, and offline class schedules, but also draws people to the meditation space for in-person to gain the full experience.

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Author: Eva Hsu - Creative Strategist and Founder of Ripplr Digital Branding

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First Sound

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#175 Room 513, Chengjiaqiao Road, Minhang District, Shanghai