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Securing your family's health

with XstrawDinary's eco-friendly materials

Our collaboration with RenewMaterial's Xstrawdinary Eco-friendly Materials Series.

· Eco-friendly

One thing we love at Ripplr is when Founder Eva develops a client in which brand aligns with our core value. This time, it was with RenewMaterial , renowned as an innovative enterprise using large amounts of agricultural byproducts as raw material from China's farmlands.

Since Eva has a MSc in Environmental Management from IE Business School and has been a professional environmental communicator for over a decade, the first part of the project was completed by her, which included enhancing RenewMaterial's international and Chinese brand image for the XstrawDinary eco-friendly materials series with an English leaflet design and copywriting, and that of a Chinese version.

After the delivery of the English and Chinese leaflets Ripplr will have ongoing tasks coming from Renew Material. So keep an eye on our blog articles for updates with this cool brand and support XstrawDinary in your own way!

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