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The Living Building Challenge Standard 4.0 Manual

- Now in Mandarin Chinese!

We are doing fieldwork to experience the possible applications across Chinese cities.

IMAGINE a best practice green building standard that is simple to use and identifies the ten best practice requirements that credential a "green building".


IMAGINE a green building standard that enables a project to move towards being a Living Building.


IMAGINE a green building standard that encompasses equity and beauty as a core requirement.


- The Living Future Institute

When Ripplr Founder Eva Hsu first met James Connelly, the Vice President of Product and Strategic Growth at the International Living Future Institute, it was just after James conducted a workshop in Shanghai, in December of 2019. Eva arrived right when James finished his lunch at a nearby cafe to the workshop.

5 minutes into the conversation, it was clear to Eva that The International Living Future Institute is leading a different set of criteria to LEED - a broadly recognized green building certificate. One of Eva's repeat clients is the American Institute of Architecture - Shanghai Chapter. Her collaborations with them over the past several years included initiatives to bring meaningful content, from on-the-ground case studies to international best practices, to a larger community of design professionals. Thus, it was a rather fast process from completing the initial small translation task for The Living Future Institute in leading to the translation of the manuals for CORE Green Building Certification and The Living Building Challenge 4.0 in March, 2020. Everything done in preparation for a smooth China launch of The Living Future Institute.

The translation of the manuals are now completed. And Eva has been conducting fieldwork in Southern Taiwan with his brother Jackson Xu, in collecting the best cross-culture green building practices on the island to share with a greater audience. We have experienced that Chinese lifestyle and needs can be slightly different from that of the West.


As for online activities during the pandemic, on March 24th, Urban Land Institute and the International Living Future Institute together conducted a webinar to introduce The Living Building Challenge for members in Mainland China to better understand the latest design principles, Eva was invited to take part in the webinar in providing insights, the past failures and success stories,  to what has been done on-the-ground in China in terms of green buildings, smart cities and healthy spaces. 

We look forward to assisting The Living Future Institute in developing the Chinese market via our work, fieldwork and stories. If you are enlightened or interested in joining us to experience a healthy space in Shanghai or participate in one of The Living Future Institute's workshop (or webinar) , drop us a message and we'll get back to you with the information you need!

Fieldwork at Kaohsiung Main Library

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